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Some of Our Clients & Partners

AGB Investigative Services Inc. Has Been Serving Businesses and Organizations Since 2001

AGB provides investigative and security services, information security and certification, and training services to both small business owners and large scale corporations and government entities.

Chicago Security Training Services

Security means having confidence — confidence that your property and people are protected; confidence that your employees are trustworthy; confidence that the people you entrust with your security are the best in the business. For almost 20 years, AGB Investigative Services, Inc. has provided customers throughout the Chicagoland area with the confidence that comes from knowing they are working with the best. Our focus on providing full-service asset protection and risk mitigation services has made us one of the leaders in Chicago for security services. We work tirelessly to earn and keep the trust of our customers. Security isn’t just a service — it’s a state of mind, and AGB Investigative Services, Inc.is committed to providing that to our customers.

Providing Complete Protection

What sets AGB Investigative Services, Inc. apart is our complete array of customizable security solutions, which allows us to meet virtually any security need our customers have. AGB Investigative Services, Inc. has the skill and expertise to provide on-site armed or unarmed security, cyber security services, security training services, concealed carry training, private investigation, fingerprinting services, background checks and identity screening, consulting and community policing. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our more than 500 fully trained and accredited security professionals, AGB Investigative Services, Inc. can design and deliver a comprehensive package of security solutions that will meet practically any need.

Trusted Name

Securities and Exchange Commission and the Chicago Housing Authority. Our customers and partners in the private sector include McDonald’s, Exelon and the Chicago Bulls. In addition, our customer base ranges from small business owners to large-scale corporations to various other government entities. We hold numerous certifications and credentials in the fields of physical and virtual security, including ISO 9001:2008 certification and 8(a) SBA certification, and we are a certified provider of guard training services to the state of Illinois. We hold a past performance rating of 94 percent with Dun & Bradstreet, so you can be confident that we have the experience needed to provide the best security training services.

No matter what kind of security solutions you require, AGB Investigative Services, Inc. can fulfill them with the level of integrity and professionalism only we can provide. Whether you need to protect your physical property or you need security in the digital realm, AGB Investigative Services, Inc. has the skill and expertise necessary to give you complete protection. Security is a state of mind, and it only comes when you know for sure that the people you have entrusted with your protection are fully capable of keeping you safe. Thanks to our commitment to comprehensive security solutions, professionalism and the pride we take in our work, AGB Investigative Services, Inc. can provide you with that secure feeling, 24 hours a day.






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  • Private Detective Agency: 117.001410
  • Private Security Contractor Agency: 122.000927