Cyber Security

Protecting your data has never been so important.

Technology is changing our world at an exponential rate. The advancements that come with all that change also pose challenges. AGB’s Global IT Solutions department is prepared for them.

Our cyber division includes EnCase Certified Examiners. The seasoned cyber security experts are proficient in using EnCase Forensic software, conducting computer investigations, collecting evidence, preserving and verifying files, and containing other electronic threats. Our digital forensic experts are certified in using world-renowned Six Sigma methodologies to map their investigations.

AGB Cybersecurity Services 

  • Dragnet Investigations
  • Litigation Support, i.e, E-Discovery
  • Computer Forensics
  • Law Enforcement Support

AGB IT Security Services 

  • Cyber security auditing and compliance
  • Electronic security risk assessment
  • Network design / architecture
  • Server/application hardening
  • Online security best practices implementation & compliance
  • Disaster recovery / business continuity planning
  • Intrusion detection & network penetration testing
  • Security information & event management

Is cyber security a concern in your organization? Let us help secure your data.

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