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Top-notch training to address nearly any threat

Our officers are graduates of our rigorous AGB Advanced Training Program in Chicago. They have cleared extensive pre-employment screenings, including drug tests. And they are prepared to handle a multitude of possible threat scenarios with good judgment and professional, courteous behavior. It’s this commitment to thorough officer training that sets AGB apart from others who offer guard and patrol services.

AGB unarmed and armed security officers protect residential, commercial, and government properties all over the country. We are experienced in securing a variety of environments. We provide field security for service workers who are at risk in heightened threat areas. We guard airports, schools, and other public buildings. Our officers also protect healthcare, manufacturing, retail, industrial, and chemical facilities. 

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All AGB officers complete 20 hours of Advanced Security Training. The course covers these key topics:

  • Arrest procedures
  • Proper use of force
  • Reporting methods and techniques
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Site-specific training
  • Anti-terrorism techniques
  • SSA (Special Service Area) training
  • Loss prevention

AGB armed security officers complete an additional 20 hours of extensive training, which covers:

  • Escape prevention through use of force
  • Shooting range safety procedures
  • Proper weapons handling and storage

AGB security officers are also required to complete an 8-hour refresher course quarterly.

“I am thoroughly impressed by the persistence and diligence demonstrated by AGB security officers throughout the years. AGB provides attentive guard services and substantial protection overall, with detailed report writing and extensive incident writing.”

Kecia Harris, Cyril Court Management

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