Security Officer Training

Become a licensed security officer with our expert training.

AGB is certified by the state of Illinois to provide security training courses. Our curriculum goes beyond the requirements outlined in state law. AGB Security Training provides additional in-depth instruction that you won’t find at smaller security training companies. Our classes are taught in Chicago by NRA-trained instructors at the AGB Institute. Our trainers include former law enforcement officers, with experience at the federal level.  The customized security training that we offer equals what you’ll find at the largest national and international firms.

Our security training certifications are designed for two levels of guarding: unarmed and armed. You must complete the unarmed training before you can take the armed training, which prepares you to carry and use a firearm.

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Unarmed Training Certification

AGB’s 20-hour program covers these requirements for working as a security guard in Illinois:

  • Introduction to Security—includes scope of industry and ethics
  • Criminal & Civil Law—includes use of force and positioning for control & safety
  • Introduction to Patrolling—includes handling emergencies & reporting incidents
  • Report Writing—includes accountability in reporting

Armed Training Certification

This 20-hour course cannot be completed without first taking the Unarmed Training program (total 40 hours of training). The Armed Training course syllabus includes:

  • Use of Force
  • Handgun Safety
  • Pistol Nomenclature
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Nomenclature of Ammunition
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Isometric Tension
  • Breathing Technique
  • Sight Alignment
  • Trigger Control
  • Dry Firing Practice

Requirements to Become an AGB Security Officer

Interested in working for AGB as an unarmed or armed security officer? Learn about our requirements to become an AGB security officer.

Security Professional Training Courses

These courses provide a more extensive foundation of knowledge and practical skills for those seeking to enter the security industry or advance their careers in the field.

Unarmed Security Professional

In this 4-week course, students will receive expanded training exceeding all job criteria for unarmed security officers.

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Armed Security Professional

Students will learn advanced skills for armed security officers during this 4-week course.

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Advanced Security Professional

This expansive 8-week course will increase the marketability of professionals working in the security industry.

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