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ESG-Focused Security Services

AGB is a world-class, mission-driven security company committed to protecting and building communities. Our goal is to eliminate economic inequities by delivering training and smart security solutions that protect people, property, and data.

Since 2001, AGB has created hundreds of jobs and opportunities for those in the community. AGB provides workforce development programs, internships and scholarships for young adults, and programs to assist families in underserved communities. Partnering with AGB helps transform the lives of minorities in these communities.

At AGB, we use environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria to help us find companies and partners with values that match our own. These guidelines drive our decision-making and ensure that we are good stewards of our resources, strong advocates for our people and communities, and honest, transparent leaders.

Cyber Security Solutions

The Cyber Security Division of our security company offers a range of services to protect your organization against cyber threats. Our comprehensive approach to physical and cyber security convergence addresses the emerging threats of this new security landscape. The division specializes in Information Security and Event Monitoring through our Security Operations Center. We offer expert Security Consulting for organizations assessing their physical and network health, as well as providing Vulnerability and Patch Management Services. Contact us now to learn more.

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“AGB is responsive to requests for additional coverage within a timely manner. Their officers are highly trained to handle any situation they may face securing our property.”

Zenita Monroe

Property Manager, Academy Square

“AGB quickly responds to requests for additional protective services and is always willing to assist in any way possible. The merchants in the community have seen a decrease in nuisance crimes since AGB started providing security and protection. The guards are always dependable and reliable.”

Dorian Johnson

Program Director, SSA #45

“AGB has been nothing short of professional, timely and reliable to work with. Their security companies offer protection and help deter and eliminate issues with potential criminal activity.”

Jesus Carmona

Operations Manager, Solano-De-Carrier Management for McDonald’s

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AGB Foundation

Security Experts Who Give Back

The AGB Foundation is the charitable arm of AGB Investigative Services security company. AGB stands for Always Giving Back. As we provide security services to companies throughout the country, we are also fully committed to providing professional opportunities for high school students and young adults within the most underserved areas of Chicago.

Families supported annually through Family First Care packages

Youth served

Hours of internship and coaching provided

Scholarships awarded

AGB Institute in Chicago

The AGB Institute is a private, nonprofit training center on the South side of Chicago that is dedicated to helping adults enhance their professional and life skills. Our mission is to advance a more diverse and skilled workforce.  In addition to skills needed to perform within a security company such as unarmed and armed security guards, cyber security, and workplace safety, we also offer education in personal development and business skills.

Security Training

Workplace Safety

Business Skills

Personal Development