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information, as well as their opinions and plans. Much of the content is either useful or harmless. But some of it can be downright dangerous to individuals, businesses, and organizations. How do you stay ahead of a potential threat? AGB can help. Our Social Media Monitoring & Analysis service can notify your organization of troubling or suspicious online activity. And in the wake of Facebook’s security breaches, our service couldn’t be more timely.

AGB’s online monitoring service tracks chatter related to your business or organization’s assets—your brands, names, identity, and social profiles. We cut through the noise to identify potential risks, so that you can respond accordingly. We track online communication and look for sudden changes in the volume or sentiment of potential threats.

Risk Factors that AGB Looks For on Social Media

  • Insider threats from rogue employees
  • Attempts to disrupt your business continuity
  • Physical threats to your employees, executives, and customers (such as kidnappings, bomb threats, or shootings)
  • Planned protests
  • Theft of intellectual or physical property
  • Scams
  • Disparagement of your brands, products, or social profiles

We have access to proprietary technologies that scour social media channels and other parts of the internet, 24/7. Our analysts track and categorize potential threats, notifying clients in real time of possible risks.

We can customize our services to meet your specific needs, all for an affordable monthly fee. Contact AGB to learn more about our new Social Media Monitoring & Analysis service and to request a quote!


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