AGB’s Professional Consultants Approach Problem Solving In Two Phases:

Identify, Isolate, Deconstruct, and Define (IIDD)
AGB evaluates and identifies security issues on-site. We isolate dangerous situations and deconstruct issues in order to define root problems that an effective security plan can mitigate.
Design, Construct, and Implement Solutions (DCIS)
We design and construct custom solutions, based on our analysis, and present you with a comprehensive security plan that will rectify past problems and reduce future exposure. AGB takes great care in considering all of your business criteria and your physical environment to provide an integrated plan that provides seamless protection.

Security Consulting FAQ

What is a Security Consulting Service?
A security consulting service is an invaluable resource for your organization, offering specialized expertise in a wide variety of areas, including attack detection and remediation. Our professional security consultants develop customized playbooks, based on best practices and your specific needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness against any cyber threat or physical vulnerability.
What Does a Security Consulting Service Do?
Security consultants work closely and professionally with your existing security team, helping you build an effective security roadmap that can be sustained over time. They help you understand what needs to happen, then work with the team to get results as quickly as possible.
Why Use Security Consultant Services?
You may not have the time or resources to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber and physical threats internally, putting your business at risk of a major data breach or security threat. Security consultants help you build a defense strategy to protect your team and your organization.
How Much Does a Security Consultant Cost?
The cost of hiring a consultant or a security team can vary widely, depending on your company’s needs. Investing in a security team can save you money in the long run, serving as a more cost-effective strategy than hiring additional employees to meet the same needs, or suffering through a data breach or physical emergency.
Types of Security Companies
Cyber Security
Information security, technology services, and protection of data.

Investigative Services
Background checks and private detectives.

Do I Need a Security Assessment?
A full security assessment is necessary, regardless of whether or not you are planning to change your current security program.
What is Physical Security Consulting?
Physical Security Consulting focuses on protecting physical spaces, including your building or office, special events, and more. Physical security services can also include the protection of people.
Why Would My Company Need Security Training Programs?
Security Training doesn’t stop at just your security or information technology teams. All employees should complete thorough security training programs.

Examples of security training for all employees include:

  • Online Dangers: email scams, malware, password security, safe internet habits (surfing/appropriate sites), social networking use
  • Physical Environment: noticing visitors, restricting access to private office areas, password protection (when typing or where you keep record of your passwords), locking computers and file cabinets/doors
  • Data Protection: storage and management of personal data, customer information, or private information
  • Personal Devices: removable storage devices, phones or laptops connected to work servers, and work-from-home best practices
What Are the Top Security Consulting Firms?

Choosing the top security consulting firm is largely based on what type of security needs your company has.
What sets AGB Investigative Services apart from other security consulting companies is our leadership team’s expertise, which combines law enforcement backgrounds with Six Sigma Black Belt Project Management certifications.

AGB is the nation’s largest Black-owned security firm and the only African-American-owned security company to earn the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification for consistently meeting our clients’ requirements.

We have earned national recognition for our innovative security services and a 94% past-performance rating from Dun & Bradstreet.

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