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Three layers of affordable security services

Work with AGB security company to design a seamless security plan for your organization. We can integrate on-site security officers with remote monitoring and security guards in patrol cars to create effective and affordable security solutions and private security services.

security guard services

On-Site Armed Security Guards and Concierge Security

At AGB, we provide you with top-quality security guards trained by our own experts to handle all of your security services needs. Our armed security guards and unarmed security guards are highly trained security professionals who provide courteous, polished security services.

Remote Monitoring

Remote guarding allows one security officer to monitor multiple cameras at the same time. It’s a great solution for low-activity areas, and it provides video evidence when incidents occur. Advances in technology make remote monitoring a viable and economical choice for any client. AGB can work with your existing cameras, update your system, or install new cameras as part of our turnkey security solutions.

Mobile Patrol

If your property needs manned vehicles for increased security, AGB will work on-site to customize inspection procedures and schedules for optimal protection solutions. All inspections are performed by highly trained, licensed patrol officers operating in marked AGB vehicles.

Chicago Security Guard Training

AGB’s security guards are all graduates of the prestigious AGB Institute security guard training programs in Chicago.  Through providing training for our own security officers it allows us to ensure they are properly trained for the type of guard service you require, whether this is security mobile patrol, event security guards, an unarmed security guard, or even an armed security bodyguard.  Our training school in Chicago produces world-class officers.

security guard services
security guard services

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Community Policing Officers

Making business districts safer for everyone

AGB Community Policing provides an additional layer of security for companies and government agencies. Our security officers use problem-solving techniques to defuse potentially explosive situations and deter crime within communities. We build relationships and partner with law enforcement agencies to strengthen overall security. By using security guard to address immediate conditions that could lead to disturbances and criminal activity, we keep residents, business owners, companies and customers safer. AGB security services company currently offers Community Policing Guard Services to Special Service Areas (SSAs) in the Chicago area and beyond.

How Community Policing Works

We assign a team of Tactical Unit Officers (TUO) to patrol a designated area. All of our TUO squads complete a rigorous professional 14-week training program and work directly with local law enforcement and businesses to build and maintain strong community relationships.
Together, we work to decrease crime, loitering, gambling, and theft in and around companies. Our special protection from gang activity increases the safety of officers, business owners, and customers in the areas that we secure and patrol.

AGB currently provides Community Policing services to SSA’s with SSA#5, SSA#16, SSA#32, SSA#51, and SSA #63 in the Chicagoland area.


Executive Protection

Protective security agent service provides peace of mind in uncertain times. People in high-level positions face risks to their safety from a number of sources.

AGB security guard service offer superior protection to companies, property, CEOs, dignitaries, VIPs, and other individuals who are at risk for any reason. Our agents offer professional protection in de-escalation, defensive strategies, and the use of force in emergency situations. They are also trained to monitor nonverbal cues to assess potential threats and risks.

Our professional protection services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AGB experts develop proactive, tiered strategies that can quickly be modified in response to changing threat conditions and loop in local authorities when needed.

Protective services for VIPs and high-net-worth individuals often include:

  • Protected movements, including armed escorts for dangerous situations or when dignitaries are traveling abroad
  • High-threat security protection
  • Personal armed bodyguards

Asset Recovery Security Company

AGB Security Company is equipped to recover assets that have been wrongfully taken, stolen, or fraudulently misappropriated. With the increase in virtual workforces, more company assets are vulnerable to theft when an employee resigns. Our Asset Recovery Service ensures that company assets are returned to their rightful owners.


Customized Security Solutions

Many of the security solutions we provide are tailored to meet the specific security needs of our clients. Given our years of experience in the industry and the many verticals we secure, we are equipped to solve out-of-the-box requests. Many of our customized solutions have exceeded our clients’ expectations.


Concierge/Front Desk Security Guard

AGB front desk unarmed security staff provide superb customer service while monitoring guests for threats or suspicious activities. These security guard handle tedious responsibilities, but they are also trained to address any security threat and offer emergency assistance to guests when the need arises.


Special Event Security Services

Our security guard can handle a wide range of events and venue security. All of our security officers are fully vetted, insured, and trained in customer service, health and safety, crowd control, conflict management, and advanced first aid. AGB unarmed teams are a valuable asset to any event.

security guard services