Private Investigations

AGB Investigative Services is licensed to provide highly discreet and professional private investigations in Illinois. Our skilled private investigators are relied upon by attorneys to support their clients in legal proceedings. Call on us for these and other types of private investigative services:

  • Employee surveillance
  • Civilian/Workers Compensation cases
  • General security concerns
  • Private detective agency work
private investigations

Private Investigation Service – Surveillance

Workers’ Compensation

We can save your company the financial stress of fraudulent workers’ compensation claims. Employers and insurance firms rely on us to conduct legal video surveillance of employees, as well as to interview and take statements from co-workers.

Employee Wrongdoing

Our private investigators can develop tangible proof of misconduct by employees at work. These offenses may include internal theft, embezzlement, vandalism, or fraud.

Asset Searches

Assets can be hidden in many clever ways. Our asset search investigation services can identify assets and accounts in all 50 states. We provide the most detailed and comprehensive searches available from experts whose analyses are admissible in court.

Litigation Support

Lawyers who need help obtaining court-admissible evidence for their cases rely on our professional investigative services to help win cases. Our investigators are experts in providing court testimony that establishes facts and substantiates cases in a cost-effective manner.

Fraud Management Services

Rampant financial fraud is a threat to individual businesses, the economy, and society. Each year, organizations lose an estimated $200 billion to financial crimes. Technological advances have increased the possibility that any industry—including financial institutions, health care organizations, insurance, and communication companies—could fall victim to fraud. Private investigative services can stop fraud in its tracks.

private investigations