Powerful Managed Security Services – MSS

Many companies are looking for trusted security professionals to handle the management of their cybersecurity tasks. Managed security services (MSS) is a service model or capability provided by cybersecurity service providers to monitor and manage security devices, systems, and even software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Even though your business may be well-equipped with processes and working tools, there is an incredible benefit to partnering with trusted security services providers that are experts in the management of cybersecurity and network security services. AGB’s Managed Security Services will enhance your program by providing tailored services such as threat, cloud and infrastructure management, identity management, incident response management, and more.

While AGB Cyber is an exceptional partner. It’s not just building your cyber defenses that make us a top-rated MSS. It’s our breadth of response and agility to provide protection when a vulnerability arises or attacks inevitably occur. Our highly skilled specialists use the most effective methods and technologies to protect your information and digital assets and to provide incident response for you 24/7/365.

The benefit of AGB as your Managed Security Service Provider – MSSP

Partnering with security service providers makes sense as companies find it difficult to get the management expertise they require.  However, an MSSPs ability to efficiently scale to meet demands depends on its tools. AGBs Managed Security Service can provide a sophisticated assessment, as well as comprehensive solutions for your networks and systems. We will help you mitigate cybersecurity risk, manage complexity, and provide security, network, and compliance expertise.

Further, your company may require assistance with the development and management of a continuous cybersecurity improvement program to help protect your company over an extended period of time.  AGB’s MSSP specialists can optimize and fine-tune security management programs to improve their efficiency both in the short and long term.

AGBs managed security is able to provide skilled personnel to support efforts such as cybersecurity project management, threat detection and intelligence, incident response, managed cloud security, and more.  Based on the scope of engagement, additional specialized roles, such as threat intelligence, threat hunting, and incident response can be managed for you.

Our service allows you the ability to add valuable and highly-specialized cybersecurity skills to your staff, such as identity, and cloud security or compliance without needing to establish a costly security operations center. This can help to reduce security complexity, prevent intrusions, provide compliance governance, as well as reduce alert fatigue and in-house resource utilization. These managed resources will help you secure your assets, identify advanced threats, quickly recover and react from any disruptions, and allows you the ability to safeguard critical assets.

AGB’s service can help you overcome skills shortages or fight new threats, resulting in cybersecurity risks being reduced and ensuring your cybersecurity compliance requirements are fulfilled.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Service Offerings

AGB Investigative offers a broad range of security services and comprehensive capabilities. Our management services include:

MSS Security Operations Center

Monitoring customer environments (SIEM, IDS/IPS, Threat Management)​ and conducting monthly review meetings to summarize threat detection and incident response​.

Penetration Testing

Testing internal and external company networks and systems and providing executive report summaries.​

Security Awareness Training & Management

Conducting annual security awareness training, threat response training, email phishing training, and social engineering testing​ to bolster security services managed by company staff​.

Managed Security Services

Does your company require advanced services and checkpoint management?

As threats become more sophisticated, endpoints require greater control. Budgets are tight, which means that security is a top priority for organizations. Organizations that grow rapidly must ensure that assets, endpoints, and data are protected from any potential threat or breach.

Security landscapes have become increasingly complex over recent years. Companies need to adapt quickly in order to remain ahead of rapidly changing threats. As your MSSP, AGB can provide managed endpoint security as part of a complete security solution for the full breadth of your organization.

Security monitoring and response to incidents for enterprise networks and endpoints is the core business of AGB’s MSSP. As enterprise networks evolve and grow, our team has become more adept at supporting other platforms such as cloud-based infrastructure.

Our service management is led by a global network of experts that can help you achieve the best results through remote investigation, threat detection, and incident response, wherever you may be.

Managed network security experts available 24x7x365

AGB Investigative provides 24×7 threat detection and response, correlation, and expert analysis of the environment. We use our management platform to monitor for false positives to detect legitimate threats and eliminate them. As your partner, AGB provides continuous management of your network and information security – managed for you 365 days per year.

AGB Investigative specialists are your trusted advisors. Our security experts can help you explore everything from simple to complex security issues, as well as monitor and manage security incidents. And, our technology, personnel, processes, and infrastructure are among the most advanced in the industry.


What exactly does Managed Security Services mean?

The managed security service offers outsourced monitoring and administration of security devices and other systems. Some common managed cybersecurity services include managed firewall, intrusion and incident detection, a virtual private network, cloud security, password and access management, and vulnerability scanning.

Are managed security and network security services necessary?

A Managed Security Service provider offers many advantages for our customer. Your Security Services Analyst will ensure IT staff and leadership are always informed of the latest security threat, trends, testing, audits, and maintenance. Organizations can focus their attention on security governance instead of administrative tasks while we provide managed network security and cloud security services that are fully managed to protect against an incident on your behalf.

What does MSP mean for cybersecurity?

MSP is a managed service provider (or MSSPs – managed security service providers) that provides global managed security for clients, whether they are located in their SOC (security operations center) or another third-party location.

Managed Security Services

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