Cyber Security Consulting Services

With technology evolving faster than ever, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest threats to information security. Our cyber consulting and information security services evaluate those risks from myriad angles to create a comprehensive security profile for your organization. From there, our consultants build a security response framework for securing your data and digital assets with technology resources available for immediate incident response.

It is important to be prepared for cyber security incidents and take swift action. AGB’s consultants help companies get back to work after a security breach. They use their technology and expertise as a frontline defense to assist organizations in implementing information security programs and transforming their cyber defense capabilities in order to reduce threats and business risk – before, during and after an incident.

Our IT and cybersecurity consulting service can limit your risk from cybercriminals in many ways. This includes the implementation of a sophisticated cybersecurity plan, which includes incident response and written information security plans, as well as cybersecurity assessment services. We also offer the best-in-class IT security solutions and fully managed security services.

Your business will recover faster from cyber security attacks if you are able to understand and plan for the implications of a cyber security breach across your entire organization. Regardless of the changing threat landscape, rest assured that with AGB consultants vigilantly overseeing security risk management, your company will be able to continue to operate without a negative impact to your business operations and financial health.

Incident and Breach Response

AGB is prepared to respond to major breaches for companies around the globe. Our combined frontline experience, analytics, and deep understanding of global attacker behavior allow us to provide effective incident response to breaches. We help organizations gather intelligence and prepare their defenses against a potential compromise. And, our incident and cyber breach response consultants are specifically trained and equipped with a platform to identify and resolve cyber security breaches on your behalf.

One of the greatest benefits of AGB’s information security consulting is that we always leverage cutting-edge technology and strategies to prevent attacks, recover data, and restore customer confidence. Your information security consultant will develop a cybersecurity solution that is tailored to your unique business’s needs. This results in a comprehensive cyber defense that is proactive, targeted, and offers industry-relevant threat intelligence, giving you full assurance that your business is protected.

Your Trusted Cyber Security Partner

AGB truly parnters with our client to provide the best protection against a cyber security risk. Ask our cyber security consultants your most difficult security questions and you will quickly learn just how well our services are managed. Our cyber security services team will articulate a clear cybersecurity strategy and provide valuable advice related to data privacy, cybersecurity, compliance, and other issues. And, our virtual CISO service offers an experienced executive-level team to oversee cyber security operations, risk management, and awareness training programs. Talk to one of our security consultants and explore AGB’s consulting services now.

Cyber Security Consulting

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Cyber Security Consulting

Consulting cyber security is a very important job that shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. While most companies have security for their site and data managed in-house or through a provider, consider bringing in known consulting management services to audit for risk, defense and incident response regularly. AGB offers comprehensive security services cyber, including consulting on your current cyber efforts.

Business Continuity Planning Consulting

AGB helps businesses develop and maintain BCP documentation, processes, and procedures.

As an integral part of our security operations consulting, business continuity planning allows companies to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities that could be faced in times of crisis. An AGB business continuity plan ensures company leaders are able to quickly and efficiently execute a successful incident response.

Disaster Recovery Planning Consulting

AGB helps businesses develop and maintain DRP documentation, processes, and procedures, as well as designing and supporting incident response and disaster recovery exercises.

A disaster recovery program (DRP), disaster implementation plan, or IT Disaster Recovery Plan is a documented policy and/or process designed to help an organization execute recovery processes after a disaster. This is to protect the technology infrastructure of the business and promote recovery.

A disaster recovery plan is more detailed than a Business Continuity Plan and doesn’t necessarily include all contingencies. The disaster recovery program is intended to clearly explain the steps that should be taken before, during, a systems breach. Disaster recovery plans should be prepared for both man-made and unintentional disasters such as hacking or other cyber security threats.

Network Security Consulting & Assessments

AGB is a leading network security firm with a full suite of cybersecurity services, and we fully understand the importance and the need to achieve compliance.  As part of our Network Security Consulting, we conduct physical and network health assessments, including assessment of physical infrastructure, processes, and procedures,​ and developing/modifying company IT policies.

Our IT network security consultancy starts with a thorough analysis and analysis of the architecture and overall network security. It will give you insight into the system’s strengths, and weaknesses. Our experts use this information to formulate recommendations and design solutions that best suit your company’s needs. Our network security specialists will then work closely alongside your company to ensure that your IT solutions meet your needs, assisting you in closing security gaps.

Cyber Threat Intelligence & Governance

AGB helps organizations mitigate risks and ensure controls are implemented and managed​ despite the increasing challenges within cyber threat intelligence and governance.

Governance is an important topic for cyber security. It refers to policies and processes that influence how organizations detect and prevent attacks. Management and governance are often separated in organizations. People who work in governance are more focused on strategic matters. Management is responsible for the day-to-day operational approach to security. Sometimes, this can result in different leadership perspectives.

Clearer reporting and data analysis can be used to reduce risk. This enables us to bridge the gap between operations and governance. It also allows us to make better strategic decisions and execute a more coordinated response against the cyber-threat landscape.

Global Cybersecurity Consulting

AGB also offers global cybersecurity consulting. Our cyber security consulting teams are well versed in international security intelligence and allow cyber security to provide defense against global cyber risk in the US and worldwide.

Compliance Security Consulting

Compliance security consulting includes planning for security in financial, healthcare and government sectors where compliance with increased regulations are necessary. Services compliance security may include identifying personal data for additional security or preparing documentation for safe submissions to regulatory bodies.

Cyber Security

Generally, good security services cybersecurity plans should:

  • Prevent an attack on your site
  • Protect against security cyber threat
  • Prepare for cyber security project, such as a new website
  • Provide security consulting cyber/services cyber security
Cyber Security Consulting

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