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Professional Workplace Safety Training

Workplace Safety Classes

AGB offers professional workplace safety training and management courses as part of our integrated security services. These professional training sessions are taught in Chicago at the AGB Institute, drawing upon our extensive hands-on experience as security professionals. Our training courses can be invaluable in preparing your employees for a variety of dangerous situations—and the recommended ways to respond for the safest outcome possible.

Professional Security Company Chicago IL

Active Shooter Training

Our workplace safety training gives managers and employees the tools to respond appropriately to an active-shooter situation. Because there is often no pattern or method to the selection of victims by an active shooter, these situations can be unpredictable and evolve quickly. This course is designed to help your employees anticipate and prevent an active shooter situation, and to address such an incident if it occurs. Students will learn about potential workplace-violence indicators and characteristics of active shooters. Topics include active shooter awareness, risk mitigation, and business continuity planning.

Situational Awareness

This class will train people to scan their environment and sense danger, while maintaining the ability to conduct normal activities. Participants will learn to assess their current situation and people around them by gathering information, processing the data, and determining if any action is required. This workplace safety training can help avoid verbal and physical confrontations. Students will learn about Cooper’s Color Code, a training system used by the military and law enforcement that assigns colors to different stages of alertness. Participants will eventually notice subtle rings of disturbance and more complex stimuli around them, developing the mental tools to defend themselves.

Workplace Violence

Our workplace violence training course will help supervisors and employees identify the kinds of behavior and language that can escalate into violence. These include verbal threats, verbal abuse, yelling, stalking, pushing, kicking, hitting, and other types of physical violence. In this workplace safety training session, students will learn to identify signs and symptoms of domestic violence. They will also learn techniques to de-escalate situations. Finally, they will be trained in security procedures to ensure the safety of employees during violent situations.

Management Classes

AGB also offers the following classes to improve the overall culture of your workplace.

Conflict Resolution

This course will give participants a six-step process that they can use to modify and resolve conflicts of any size. Participants will also learn crucial conflict resolution skills, including dealing with anger and using the Agreement Frame. Students will also understand all six phases of the conflict resolution process, understand the five main styles of conflict resolution and be able to adapt the process for all types of conflicts.

Customer Service

This seminar will look at all types of customers and how we can serve them better and improve ourselves in the process. Participants will develop a better understanding of what customer service means in relation to all your customers. They will learn how to anticipate and identify customers’ needs and recognize how attitude affects customer service.

Leadership and Influence

Leadership potential can be tested by our response to events or developed through self reflection. This course takes the latter approach. Participants will learn the characteristics of leadership and begin to build the confidence needed to be an effective leader. In this class, students will study and apply key leadership philosophies, including the Great Man theory and Trait theory. They also will explore Transformational Leadership.

Professional Security Company Chicago IL

Teamwork and Team Building

This workshop will encourage participants to explore the different aspects and roles of a team, and techniques for becoming top-notch collaborators. They will study traits of successful teams and individual members.

Professional Security Company Chicago IL