Aerial Surveillance Drone Program

Innovative technology, myriad benefits

The demand for advanced surveillance is taking off with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones. Drone technology is effective, efficient, and affordable. The versatility of drones makes them a valuable component of AGB’s security services.

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Why add drones to your security services?

Cost Effective

AGB drones are less expensive than deploying manpower. Our ‘flying security guards’ are an affordable supplement to human patrols.

Wider, Panoramic Coverage

Drones offer an aerial view that land-based, stationary cameras and officers on the ground cannot provide. They can also deliver a 360- degree panoramic view, which standard security cameras do not possess. This means that those under surveillance cannot leave the view of the camera.

Rapid Response

Our drones can be quickly deployed to any location, hover over an area easily, and send live video to our officers. Our drones go from zero to 60 miles per hour in a few seconds. They are helping us lower response times and get invaluable insight into potential threats.

High-tech Thermal Tracking

Our drones are equipped with infrared thermal sensors. This technology allows them to track assailants on the ground by generating thermal images of the intruder.

Improved Situational Awareness

Drones are solving the biggest need in physical security—alerts to emerging threats—by allowing security officers to monitor developments outside their own field of view.

Tamper proof

Because drone cameras are out of reach to an intruder, they can’t be tampered with, disabled or sprayed with paint. A drone can also follow those under surveillance if they decide to run, keeping track of them until the authorities arrive. Stationary cameras can only capture them running away.

How does AGB use drones to improve our security services?

Our state of the art drones are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Scheduled Autonomous Patrols

Our drones can be programmed to run automated checks on the properties we protect. AGB Security can set repeatable, autonomous patrol missions based on a number of factors, including day, time, path, altitude, hover duration, and camera direction.

Autonomous Threat Response

When a security perimeter is breached, the system automatically dispatches a drone to the alarm location and streams live video to the security team.

Manual Surveillance Mission

During a major disturbance such as rioting or terrorist activity, AGB Security can manually dispatch a drone to monitor events as they unfold on the ground.

What industries are a natural fit for drone surveillance?


Robotic Aerial Security can monitor and measure construction progress and protect against theft of parts, tools and raw materials.

Real Estate

Robotic Aerial Security can monitor unlawful activity and protect residents of multi-family housing complexes.

Event Security

Our security drones can monitor large crowds at concerts, sporting events, and special events to prevent unlawful activity and protect attendees.

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