Security Company St Louis MO

Security Company St. Louis MO

Looking For A Security Company in St. Louis?

St. Louis, Mo., is a world-class city and AGB Investigative Services Inc. offers world-class security services. You can count on us for both physical security and cyber security. We are an award-winning company experienced in providing security services to private businesses, organizations and to all levels of government.

Why Should I Hire A St. Louis Private Security Firm?

We understand how important the security of people, property and data are to you. You want professional, highly skilled security officers who have the training to maintain safety and order. As the best security services provider near you in St. Louis, Mo., we’ll take the time to learn about your business and its particular requirements before custom designing a security plan that will take into consideration your unique characteristics. No two businesses need exactly the same protection.

Armed Security Service in St. Louis

Would your business or organization be best served by armed or unarmed security guards? As a part of our private security services in St. Louis, Missouri, we provide both options. We will help you determine what level of protection is appropriate in your situation.

Our Core Security Services

As a private security company St. Louis, Mo., our core security services include both physical and cyber security. Some of our services include:

Integrated Guarding: Our security guard services St. Louis, Mo. include integrated guarding. Both armed and unarmed guards are available. This service can be supplemented with remote monitoring, which provides a cost-effective way of allowing one security officer to monitor multiple cameras at once. We’ll work with your existing camera system or install a new one. The third component of integrated guarding is the mobile patrol, our manned vehicles. We provide marked cars manned by highly trained and licensed patrol officers.

Special Response Team: In dangerous situations, you can count on AGB’s Special Response Team. These first responders are highly trained to provide protection in a wide range of high-level emergency situations. These elite officers have received specialized training to allow them to provide services at the highest levels of security.

Drone Surveillance: Ideal for real estate and construction firms, or for monitoring large crowds, drones are also a cost-effective way to deter crime. Our drones are equipped with infrared thermal imaging cameras, so they’re useful in following a fleeing suspect.

Security Company St Louis MO

Community Policing: Sometimes, a business district needs an extra layer of security. Our tactical security officers have received special training in gang activity and understand how to skillfully de-escalate situations. By preventing loitering and crime in commercial areas, our community policing programs improve overall public safety.

Executive Protection: We provide bodyguard protection to vulnerable or high-target individuals. This could be a foreign dignitary, government official, celebrity, CEO or other person at risk. Our security bodyguards are highly trained in de-escalation techniques, defensive strategies and in special techniques to protect clients from threats in dangerous situations. Depending on what is appropriate, these services may be discreet or may involve a show of force.

Get The Best Cyber Security in St. Louis

AGB is a leader in combining physical security with cyber security services. We work hard to help businesses understand the serious threats cyber criminals represent today, and what should be done to provide as much protection as possible. We provide safety education and information on the dangers of hacking, ransomware attacks and other cyber crimes..

We offer:

  • IT Security Consulting : We assess, model, plan, implement and audit cyber security systems for our clients.
  • Global Security Operations Center: We test and harden applications, networks and servers. We monitor, detect and respond to threats.
  • Digital Security/Information Networks: We fulfill compliance requirements and risk assessment analyses. We perform cyber security audits, recover data, help plan for business continuity, manage networks/servers and oversee security operations centers.
  • Social Media Monitoring and Threat Analysis: We provide 24/7 monitoring, searching for insider threats from rogue employees, attempts to disrupt your business, physical threats, thefts of intellectual property scams or any attack on your company or brands.
Security Company St Louis MO
Security Company St Louis MO

We Provide Security Services In A Variety of Sectors

Ready to talk to a security company that can handle everything from traditional patrols and executive protection to aerial surveillance drones and cyber security? Talk to us about our security consulting services. Let’s come up with a plan to protect your people, assets and business.

Not all security guard companies in St. Louis offer the comprehensive services available from AGB. We have expertise and experience in the following areas:

Commercial Real Estate



Government Institutions


Public Transportation





Religious Organizations

Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Professional Sports Clubs

Our Services Include Workplace Safety Training

We can keep your workplace as safe as possible with our private security in St. Louis: de-escalation tactics, workforce training, active shooter training and more. Investing in our workplace safety classes is invaluable in preparing your employees for dangerous situations. We’ll teach them how to respond to help reach the safest outcome possible. Some of the things they’ll learn include:

Active Shooter Training: This gives your workforce the tools they need to respond appropriately in the case of an active shooter situation. Included in the class are active shooter awareness and risk mitigation. We also teach business continuity planning.

Situational Awareness: We’ll train your people to scan their environment for danger while conducting normal activities. Participants will learn to gather information, process the data, and determine if any action is required. The training is designed to help people avoid verbal and physical confrontations.

Workplace Violence: We help your employees learn to identify the kinds of behavior and language that can escalate into violence. They’ll also learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of domestic violence. We teach techniques to de-escalate situations and security procedures to implement during dangerous situations.


Areas We Serve

Our local address is:

11628 Old Ballas Road, Suite 200

St. Louis, MO 63141

In addition to our St. Louis, Mo. location, we are able to provide services in the following locations and more:


About Us

We are providing professional security service in St. Louis, Mo. AGB is the largest Black-owned security company in the country. The company has grown to include more than 1,000 extensively trained armed and unarmed security officers.

Our name is an acronym for Always Giving Back. The Always Giving Back Foundation engages in workforce development, financial wellness and philanthropy. We have given more than $55K to deserving young people of color. We donate to several nonprofit organizations that serve people in vulnerable neighborhoods.

Our founder and CEO, John Griffin Jr., grew up in a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. In 2001, he and his wife founded the company as a ministry designed to assist people in need.

For 20 years, Mr. Griffin has been active in high-level security, prevention and investigations. He is certified as a forensic expert witness. He has received computer forensics training from The Department of Defense, The Department of Homeland Security and The United States Secret Service. He collaborates with local, state and federal law enforcement.

Mr. Griffin’s wife, Dr. Denitra D. Griffin, is the co-owner, co-founder and president of the company. She has a 20-year commitment to business strategy and leadership development.

AFB earned aggregate revenues of more than $100 million within the last three years. Dr. Griffin offers her leadership to the Always Giving Back Foundation, which works to eliminate economic inequality through workforce development, financial wellness and philanthropy. In addition, she is an active mentor and coach of minority youths.

Security Company St Louis MO

11628 Old Ballas Road, Suite 200

St. Louis, MO 63141

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Security Company St Louis MO