Security Company Miami FL

Security Company Miami FL

There’s no place quite like Miami Beach, FL. It’s a place so distinctive and special that it draws more than its fair share of the elite — models, billionaires and celebrities of all sorts flock to its world-famous beaches, nightlife, shopping and other amenities. Clearly, it’s a place where security is vital. So if you’re looking for the best security services provider near you in Miami Beach, FL, to protect your people, property and data, contact AGB Investigative.

Why Should I Hire a Miami Beach Private Security Firm?

We offer comprehensive security services and we will take the time to understand your unique needs. Only then will we make recommendations to protect you, your people, your assets, your physical presence, your data and anything else for which you require protection. Plenty of other security guard companies in Miami offer rudimentary services, but absolutely none can compete with the list of services we offer. Our services include:

– Background Checks: We provide accurate, timely and thorough background checks.

– Guard and Patrol Services: We approach business threats using a combination of technology and physical security techniques.

– Integrated Guarding: We combine multiple levels of protection.

– Aerial Surveillance Drone Program: Drones offer cost-effective and tamper-proof surveillance. In case of assailants on the ground, our drones’ infrared thermal sensors allow us better tracking.

– Special Response Team: The highly trained professionals on our Special Response Team have advanced training in martial arts, close-quarters combat and arrest procedures. They understand search and seizure rights and are able to perform rescues of injured people, locate and isolate suspects, evaluate threats and more.

– Executive Protection: We can provide personalized and expert protection for anyone who is at risk, including CEOs, dignitaries, public officials, celebrities or anyone else who requires protection for any reason.

Security Company Miami FL


– Fingerprinting: Many professions require background checks, and our highly trained technicians offer three options: Live Scan fingerprinting, Black Ink Rollover fingerprints and Mobile Live scan fingerprinting.

– Cybersecurity: In today’s world, cybercrime protection is of critical importance. Our expert IT security consultants can assist you in assessing cyber security threats. Our Security Operations Center provides security information and event monitoring, plus IT support and digital security auditing.

– Professional Workplace Training: It’s vital for your employees to understand how to recognize security threats and respond to them appropriately in a way that helps de-escalate threats of workplace violence.

– Private Investigations: We maintain a staff of private investigators who can assist you with surveillance, litigation support and almost anything else. Our ability to provide court-admissible evidence can make all the difference in a trial.

Security Company Miami FL

We specialize in the following sectors:

  • Retail
  • Utilities
  • Commercial real estate

Armed Security Service in Miami

There are situations in which only an armed security service will do. We take armed security extremely seriously and require an exceptionally stringent level of professionalism from our armed security agents. We also offer unarmed security guards as well as an array of other security options.

Choose the Premier Private Security Company Miami Beach FL

There are countless security services out there, but several key differences distinguish AGB Investigative from the rest. One of those differences is the technology we use. Addressing physical threats is no longer enough in today’s world. Cyber threats abound. Our innovative use of technology allows us to gather information and help eliminate threats. We have security expertise at the federal, state and local levels and are able to provide expert witness testimony.

Multi-Family Residential Buildings

  • Financial
  • Education
  • Manufacturing

Learn Why Cyber Security Is As Important as Physical Security

It’s a whole new world out there, and it’s no longer enough to only keep physical locations secure. Cyber security has become a vital component for every business, yet too many businesses and organizations continue to emphasize physical security but to pay little attention to cyber security. You need to keep your data safe and your customers’ data safe. We offer world-class cybercrime protection and workforce development. In keeping with our belief that security involves protecting your people, property and data, we offer a full range of cyber security services. They include:

– IT Security Consulting: We assess and audit your cyber security systems.

– Global Security Operations Center: We test your applications, networks and services. We monitor and respond to threats.

– Digital Security/Information Networks: We fulfill compliance requirements, assess risks and audit cybersecurity. We assist in recovery. We help you plan for business continuity.

Do You Require Security Consulting Services?

During our initial consultation, our expert leadership team assesses your needs before designing a strategy that will accomplish your security objectives. We work in two distinct phases: First, we identify, isolate and define the risks in your particular situation. Then we design, construct and implement solutions. If you would like a free security consultation for your organization, request a consultation.

Learn About the Importance of De-escalation Tactics

Workplace violence has become a serious problem. Our officers are trained in de-escalation tactics, and we can train your staff in these vital tactics, too. Our workplace violence training course will help people at all stages of your organization identify behaviors and language that may escalate into a threat. Your people will learn the skills of de-escalation, situational awareness and conflict resolution. They will also learn security procedures that can help ensure the safety of employees during violent situations.

We Offer Active Shooter Training

As part of our workplace safety training, we will teach your employees to respond appropriately in the event of an active shooter situation. Techniques taught include anticipating and preventing active shooters and responding to them if they do occur.

What are the Three Layers of Protection?

We combine on-site officers, remote monitoring and patrol cars to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to your security needs. On-site guarding with security personnel (both armed and unarmed) trained by our own experts are able to handle all your security needs. Remote guarding with a camera system (your own or one we install) is an effective way to monitor low-activity areas. Remote guarding also provides video evidence to help with prosecution. Our manned and clearly marked patrol vehicles can cover a larger area.

AGB Investigative is Providing Professional Security Service in Miami, FL

Our Florida offices are located at 429 Lenox Ave Miami Beach, FL. Call us when you need to obtain security guard services in Miami Beach, FL.

We Serve Government Agencies At All Levels

AGB supplies security services to government entities from local and state to the U.S. Department of Defense. We are credentialed in physical and cyber security fields and are a GSA Schedule 84 contract holder.

About Us

We are dedicated to protecting what’s important to you. We were founded by our CEO, John Griffin Jr., who grew up in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s south side. Our name is an acronym for Always Giving Back. The Always Giving Back Foundation is our charitable and philanthropic arm. Our mission has always included creating hundreds of professional opportunities, particularly in underserved areas. We meet the rigorous standards of the International Organization for Standardization 9001. We’ve been recognized and awarded for our thorough professionalism. We’re always expanding and now offer private security services in the following areas:

Security Company Miami FL

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Security Company Miami FL