Security Company Madison WI

Security Company Madison WI

Hire the Best Security Company in Madison

Are you looking for the best security services provider near you in Madison, WI? AGB Investigative Services provides a full complement of security services, including physical security and cyber security.

Why should I Hire A Madison Private Security Firm

You understand the importance of keeping your people, property and data safe. If you’re looking for security guard companies in the Brookfield area, it’s because you want to make sure you’re doing all you can to provide the appropriate protection. We can help.


What Makes AGB Different From Other Security Guard Services in Brookfield, WI?

Security Company Madison WI

Unlike many other private security services in Madison, WI, AGB does not limit itself to offering only one type of security service. AGB integrates multiple security options so that no matter what your security needs might be, you can get them covered by one company that has taken the time to really learn about your business and what it will take to keep it safe.

Our security guard training is second to none. All our guards must pass extensive pre-employment screenings and we send them to our rigorous AGB Advanced Training Institute in Chicago. Before we dispatch any security guard, we ensure they are prepared to handle a multitude of possible threat scenarios. Our guards are well-trained to respond professionally and with good judgement when they detect a threat.

What Are the Advantages of Private Security?

AGB Investigative can customize the right level and type of private security you need. Our services can include anything your business needs in the world of security and safety.

  • AGB services can enhance business safety and order. The presence of our security officers may help deter crimes. In case of any trouble, our on-site personnel can offer a faster response time.
  • AGB personnel can make your premises safer. Ask about our people’s training in first aid, CPR and the use of automatic external defibrillators.
  • AGB provides calm, well-trained security officers who can offer safety leadership in case of a fire, natural disaster or workplace incident.
  • AGB offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have highly trained security personnel in place who are well-acquainted with your property, people and procedures, making possible an immediate and appropriate response to any kind of incident.
  • AGB is at the forefront of cyber security. No business can afford to ignore the growing threats of cyber crime.

Our Services Include Cyber and Physical Security

We have expertise in providing physical security guards as well as cyber security. Businesses are typically careful to secure things like entrances and windows and to have security guards present, but in some cases these same businesses have been slow to recognize the threat posed by cyber criminals. Thieves today can rob you blind without ever entering your business. All they have to do is break into your computer network instead.

Cyber Security: This has become a problem for businesses and organizations of all sizes. While larger hacks and ransomware attacks of hospitals, government entities, energy companies and other prominent targets often make the news, the reality is hackers are now also attacking small- and medium-sized companies. Every company is at risk, and every company needs to have a comprehensive plan of protection. We can help you understand the risks, assess your vulnerabilities, provide cyber security training for all your employees, strengthen your online security and monitor your system continuously.

Physical Security: Even as cyber security becomes an increasingly important component of security, all the traditional techniques for physical security are still vital. Providing armed or unarmed guards, remote monitoring via camera, vehicle patrols and other common methods of maintaining security remain important, but technology has added some new tools to the security toolbox.

Security Experience and Expertise

Some of the industries and organizations in which AGB has expertise include:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Government Institutions
  • Education
  • Public Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Museums
  • Religious Organizations
  • Warehouse & Distribution Centers
  • Professional Sports Clubs

We Provide World-Class Security Services

Providing professional security service in Madison, WI, means taking the time to learn what special security issues apply to your business or organization and formulating a custom plan to provide the protection in a cost-efficient manner. Some of the services we offer include:

Security Guards and Patrolling: We offer both unarmed and armed security services in Brookfield.

Integrated Security Force: When you combine on-site security officers with remote monitoring and vehicle patrols, you get security guard services that are both effective and cost-efficient. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to security. We can tailor a plan for your business or organization.

Special Response Team: These highly trained security officers are ready for anything. They’re specially trained as first-responders, ready to professionally handle a wide variety of high-level emergency situations. They have the most extensive training and capabilities to respond to dangerous situations.

Aerial Surveillance Drones: Drones are a valuable security tool. They’re ideal for monitoring crowds or capturing video footage and overhead views for real estate and construction firms. Actually, drones continue to prove their value in more and more sectors. They’re also a cost-efficient way to monitor any large area, and their infrared thermal imaging capabilities make it possible to track a running suspect until authorities can arrive.

Community Policing: If you need an extra layer of security for a business district, these tactical security officers can help prevent crime and loitering to improve public safety. These tactical officers have special training in gang activity and can skillfully de-escalate threats.

Executive Protection: There are many situations that call for a bodyguard. Victims of stalkers, people at risk of kidnapping, VIPs, celebrities, dignitaries, high-net-worth individuals — our specially trained security experts can provide 24/7 protection that will be scaled appropriately. Whether a show of force or a discreet presence is desired, we can provide exceptional security to any individual who is at heightened risk. Protection is available during travel, as well.

Social Media Monitoring and Threat Analysis: If you want to stay ahead of potential online threats, talk to us about our new online monitoring service, Social Media Monitoring & Analysis. We identify potential risks and look for sudden changes in the nature of potential threats. Some of the things we look for include insider threats, negative statements about your business products or brands, attempts to disrupt your business, physical threats, planned protests, theft of physical or intellectual property, scams and more. We will tailor our services to meet the needs of you and your company.

Security Company Madison WI
Security Company Madison WI

Other Security Services

As a private security company in Brookfield, WI, we offer the full array of security-related services. Talk to us about:

Fingerprinting: We do live scan fingerprinting and black ink rollover fingerprinting. Mobile live scan services are available, too.

Background checks: We provide thorough reports to validate an individual’s history and identity. A proper background check can help you avoid hiring problematic employees.

Security Consulting: We have the professional leadership and the technology to assess your company’s security needs and to design a strategy. Our leadership team members are Six Sigma black belts.

Private Investigations: We employ professional and highly trained private investigators who can handle any private investigative need you may have, including surveillance and litigation support.

Professional Training: It’s vital in today’s world to ensure every employee understands their part in contributing to workplace safety and security. We can prepare your staff to respond to dangerous situations in the recommended manner to help lead to the safest possible outcome. If you’re looking for private security Brookfield: de-escalation tactics, AGB can teach these tactics to your staff. We also offer active shooter training, situation awareness classes and a workplace violence training course.

Areas We Serve

Our local address is:

30 W. Mifflin St. Suite 404

Madison, WI 53703

In addition, we can quickly deploy highly trained guards, remote monitoring services and vehicle patrols in the following service areas:

About Us

AGB is an acronym for Always Giving Back. Our founder and CEO, John Griffin Jr., grew up in a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. He founded the company as a ministry designed to assist people in need. The company has grown to include more than 1,000 extensively trained armed and unarmed security officers.

The Always Giving Back Foundation engages in workforce development, financial wellness and philanthropy. More than $55K has been awarded to deserving young people of color and we donate to nonprofit organizations that serve people in vulnerable neighborhoods.

Security Company Madison WI

30 W. Mifflin St.

Suite 404

Madison, WI 53703

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Security Company Madison WI