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Are you looking for the best security services provider near you in Chicago, IL? If you were to stand atop Willis Tower, your gaze would fall on numerous companies we provide protection for. AGB Investigative provides comprehensive security services not only in Chicago but across the country.

Who Are the Best Security Guard Companies in Chicago?

AGB Investigative tops the security Chicago list. We are a world-class security services and consulting firm, driven to protect your people, property and data. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of security services, including physical security guards and cyber security. You will find no better security company in the field, whether you need services for armed, unarmed, concierge or protection of your data.

Why Should I Hire a Private Security Firm?

Security today is about much more than securing your physical premises or providing physical safety to an individual. In today’s world, cyber criminals can target and harm you, your employees and your customers remotely. You need a professional security service that will take the time to understand all your security needs in both the physical and online space. Once your unique individual needs are understood, AGB Investigative can put together a complete plan for your business or organization’s protection.

We Offer Advanced Security Services

Providing professional security service is our mission. We combine physical security and training with the most up-to-date technology available in order to address the safety needs and threats of our clients. We have the capability to rapidly deploy highly trained and certified guard, vehicle patrols and remote monitoring services. Our expertise covers the following sectors:

security company chicago
  • Financial
  • Warehouse and Distribution Centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Professional Sports Clubs
  • Religious Organizations
  • Museums
  • Healthcares
  • Public Transportation
  • Government Institutions
  • Multi-Family Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Education

Talk To Us About Our Security Guard Services

We’re the premier Midwest security company and the only business in this part of the country that can offer technology, business intelligence and physical security. We have integrated security systems that can combine on-site professional officers with patrol cars and remote monitoring. Both armed and unarmed security guards are available.

How Does Remote Guarding Work?

Advanced technology makes remote guarding work well for many situations. It allows one security officer to monitor a larger area, a cost-effective solution to providing security for low-activity areas. In addition, it offers the advantage of video evidence when any negative activity occurs. We can either work with your existing camera system or can update it. We can also install an entirely new camera system if needed.

Hire the Top Private Security Company

Our Chicago security companies office is located at 7545 South Western. Talk to us about any of these security-related areas of expertise:

  • Licensed Fingerprint Vendor
  • Licensed Private Security
  • Licensed Private Detective Agency and Private Investigator Firm
  • Private Security Contractor

Areas We Serve

Besides Chicago, we also have regional operations offices in California, Florida, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin. Talk to us about your security needs in any of these locations.

security company chicago

Some Components Of Our Security Services Include:

Our security services in Chicago include a number of options:

Integrated Guarding: Security solutions that combine on-site officers and remote monitoring.

Aerial Surveillance Drone Program: Advanced aerial surveillance supplement security officer patrols and offer panoramic surveillance. The infrared thermal sensors on our drones allows them to track assailants by generating thermal images of them.

Special Response Team: Our SRTs consist of our most skilled, experienced and highly trained security officers. The SRT officers have advanced training in martial arts, combat and arrest procedures. Talk to us about the special situations this team can handle, including locating and isolating suspects, implementing rescue operations, evaluating threats and reducing risks to our clients and others.

Community Policing

Our officers can provide enhanced security to business districts, helping to prevent crime and loitering. Our guards have special gang training and are skilled in de-escalating situations.

Executive Protection Solutions

AGB offers bodyguards to provide the highest level of protective services to people who are at risk for any reason. This could include VIPs, CEOs, celebrities or any type of public official or dignitary. Our 24/7 executive protection services are fully customized to meet the needs of the individual client. Depending on the circumstances, our presence may be discreet and unseen or may involve a highly visible and public show of force.

Active Shooter Crisis Training and Shooter Crisis Plan

This workplace training gives your employees the ability to respond to an active shooter. The training includes active shooter awareness, risk mitigation and business continuity planning. We will also work with your employees to create a shooter crisis plan for their protection in the event of an active shooter crisis. We provide this security training to company and school clients.

Our Workplace Violence Training Course offers De-escalation Tactic Training

Keeping the workplace safe means understanding how to recognize the behaviors and languages that can escalate into violence and techniques to de-escalate such situations. An important component is instituting security procedures that can help keep employees safe during violent situations.

We Can Train Your Workforce

AGB offers training courses designed to enhance workplace safety. Our classes and training prepare your workforce for myriad dangerous situations, including the best and safest ways to respond to threats and how to sense danger by scanning for threats while also carrying out normal duties. We also offer cyber security training, helping your employees learn best practices to avoid phishing and other hacks. Our classes are taught at the AGB Institute and are based on our extensive experience as security experts.

Armed Security Guards

Every client has different needs. In some situations, unarmed guards are appropriate. But in other cases, an armed security guard is what is required to provide the necessary level of safety and security. Our experienced and well-trained security guards are currently providing armed protection in a variety of environments all over the country. We require our private armed security to re-qualify every 90 days, which far exceeds the industry average of re-qualifying every 12-36 months. We offer armed security guards, armed security body guard and tactical security as part of our services armed security.

Fire Watch Guard

Most often used by our business clients during hours when there are not people on location, we offer several security fire watch options. Our most used option is to can provide a security fire guard, an unarmed security guard who performs security mobile patrol on fire guard watch. Retail security fire services include patrol retail security, unarmed security and fire watch guard.

Private Event Security

Providing private event security is another of our specialized services. We can provide event security tactical planning and/or tactical security mobile teams as needed. Whether it is protection for a speaker or performer, tactical security for the event or providing security guard, we provide security Chicago event planners can rely on.

Learn More About Us

Our name is an acronym for Always Giving Back. Our CEO, John Griffin Jr., grew up in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s south side. He sees his company as a ministry that assists people in need. We are not only a dedicated team of security experts. We are also the largest black-owned security firm in the country.

Our clients include government agencies and Fortune 10 companies. Our AGB Institute is the only security firm in the state that is approved by the Illinois board of Higher Education for our training. We’ve been in business since 2001, and our mission statement tells you who we are: “Our mission is to eliminate economic inequalities by delivering training and smart security services to protect people, property, and data.”

What Do Our Clients Say About AGB?

“AGB security officers patrol our SSA business district, ensuring public safety and security while conducting themselves with candor, respect, and integrity. Our AGB security team has been able to handle any requests for coverage, even at the last minute.”

Sheilah Robinson-Stevenson
Calumet Area Industrial Commission

“AGB quickly responds to requests for additional coverage and is always willing to assist in any way possible. The merchants in the community have seen a decrease in nuisance crimes since AGB started providing security. The officers are always dependable and reliable.”

Dorian Johnson
Program Director, SSA #45

“AGB has been nothing short of professional, timely and reliable to work with. Their security services offer protection and help deter and eliminate issues with potential criminal activity.”

Jesus Carmona
Operations Manager
Solano-De-Carrier Management for McDonald’s

security company chicago

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