Seattle security service

Seattle Security Service

AGB Investigative provides private security to our business clients across the country, including Seattle, Washington. Our services range from armed and unarmed security guards who help keep your company safe from traditional threats to computer experts who use the latest in cyber security techniques to help protect your business from hackers. AGB Investigative is Seattle’s premier security service, providing courteous, polished service by well-trained security experts.

When we’re on the job, our clients can concentrate on what they do best, knowing their employees, customers and assets are as safe and secure as possible — regardless of whether that business is changing the world one line of code at a time or serving lattes to tourists on their way to the Space Needle.

Seattle security service

What Are the Advantages of Private Security?

AGB Investigative can customize the right level and type of private security you need. Our services can include anything your business needs in the world of security and safety.

  • AGB services can enhance business safety and order. The presence of our security officers may help deter crimes. In case of any trouble, our on-site personnel can offer a faster response time.
  • AGB personnel can make your premises safer. Ask about our people’s training in first aid, CPR and the use of automatic external defibrillators.
  • AGB provides calm, well-trained security officers who can offer safety leadership in case of a fire, natural disaster or workplace incident.
  • AGB offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have highly trained security personnel in place who are well-acquainted with your property, people and procedures, making possible an immediate and appropriate response to any kind of incident.
  • AGB is at the forefront of cyber security. No business can afford to ignore the growing threats of cyber crime.
Seattle security service

What Makes AGB Investigative Different From Other Security Companies?

We are the largest Black-owned security company in the United States. We specialize only in business security, not home security. We custom train our people, and we can train your employees to be safer, too. Ask us about conflict resolution classes, active shooter training, cyber safety classes and other training.

What Are the Core Services of AGB Investigative?

As a security company, our core services include:

  • Security Officers
  • Cyber Security
  • Armed Security Guards
  • Unarmed Security Guards
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Private Security
  • Executive Protection
  • Aerial Surveillance Drones
  • Security Consulting
  • Private Security

Why is Cyber Security Important?

Gone are the days when physical protection was all any business needed. Your losses from a cyber crime are potentially even greater than your losses from a physical robbery. If your customer’s identity is stolen or if you fall prey to hackers seeking a ransom payment to allow you back into your own computer systems, the losses can be catastrophic. No business or organization can afford to be lax about cyber security. Talk to us about how we can help.

Seattle security service
Seattle security service

What Does a Security Officer Do?

Having a security officer on the premises offers myriad benefits. The officer acts as a deterrent against crime and can also guard the entrances to your property, verify visitors’ credentials and immediately respond to any potential situation. Depending on the level of security needed, we can supply armed security guards or unarmed security guards.

What is Mobile Patrol?

The value of a mobile patrol is in maintaining security of your site. A mobile patrol serves as a deterrent while also offering an immediate response to a problem.

Read What Our Customers Have To Say

“AGB has been nothing short of professional, timely and reliable to work with. Their security services offer protection and help deter and eliminate issues with potential criminal activity.”

— Jesus Carmona

Operations Manager, Solano-De-Carrier Management for McDonald’s

“AGB security officers patrol our SSA business district, ensuring public safety and security while conducting themselves with candor, respect, and integrity. Our AGB security team has been able to handle any requests for coverage, even at the last minute.”

— Sheilah Robinson-Stevenso

Calumet Area Industrial Commission

“AGB quickly responds to requests for additional coverage and is always willing to assist in any way possible. The merchants in the community have seen a decrease in nuisance crimes since AGB started providing security. The officers are always dependable and reliable.”

— Dorian Johnson

Program Director, SSA #45

Seattle security service

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Seattle security service