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Your Safety is Our Priority: We Are Amongst The Leading Private Security Companies in Chicago

The need for professional security services has become more important than ever due to the increasing crime rate in many cities worldwide. In Chicago, for example, the crime rate is higher than the national average, with an average of one murder per day in 2021 and over 769 homicides reported in 2020. In addition, the city has seen an increase in carjackings, shootings, and other violent crimes, making it clear that citizens need to be more vigilant about their safety. 

Fortunately, professional security services, like the type provided by AGB Innovative Security Solutions, offer an additional layer of protection for businesses in such environments. Our security professionals have the training and experience to recognize potential threats and prevent them from escalating into violent incidents.

Our years of experience as private security contractors mean we can provide a sense of safety and reassurance, particularly in areas where crime is prevalent.

Don’t leave your business’s safety and security to chance; contact AGB Investigative Services security company today. 

AGB’s Innovative Security Solutions – Security Guard Services

Our security guard services provide a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers. Security guards play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals within the business premises.

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If your business does not have professional security guards, you’ll want to consider them for a few reasons. For starters, they act as a visible deterrent to potential criminal activity. The mere presence of a security guard can discourage criminals from attempting to commit a crime on the property. Their very presence can deter theft, vandalism, or even physical altercations. That alone is worth having a private security contractor. 

Secondly, our security guards are trained to respond quickly to incidents. They are trained to defuse potentially dangerous situations and prevent them from escalating. In an emergency, such as a fire or a medical emergency, our security guards provide prompt assistance, ensuring that all individuals are safe.

Thirdly, our security guards monitor the premises to identify potential security risks. They can watch for suspicious behavior or activity and alert management or law enforcement if necessary. This can help prevent crimes from occurring in the first place and help law enforcement respond quickly to any incidents.

Unlike other private security companies, we ensure that our guards are well-trained and well-equipped to protect your business and everyone in it!

Mobile Patrol Security Services

In the private security industry, mobile patrol is an essential aspect of security guard services because it allows our security guards to cover a larger area and respond quickly. Our well-trained guards patrol a designated area in a vehicle or on foot, conducting regular checks and monitoring for potential security risks. 

One of the key benefits of mobile patrol is that it provides a visible presence of security across a wider area. This has proven to be an excellent deterrent to potential criminals in the private sector considering targeting the business or property.

A mobile patrol covers a larger area than a stationary guard. This is particularly important for businesses with large properties, or multiple locations.

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Remote Monitoring

Just about all private security firms including ours recommend remote monitoring as it allows security personnel to remotely monitor an area or property using technology such as cameras, sensors, and other surveillance tools. This technology provides a cost-effective and efficient way to keep a business or property safe without needing a physical security guard to be present at all times.

One of the key benefits of our security guard remote monitoring is that it can detect potential security breaches or incidents in real-time.

This can include the unauthorized entry of individuals into a building, the detection of fires, or other safety hazards. We use the latest technology, which makes it possible for our security team to recognize specific patterns of behaviors that may indicate a potential security risk, allowing for early intervention and mitigation of any issues.

We can provide 24/7 coverage of a property or building. This means that our security personnel will continuously monitor the property, even when no physical security guards are present. Thus this is the best way to address most security concerns. 

Why Choose AGB Innovative Security Solutions?

We know that private security companies are a dime a dozen. Each company promises the best security and a team of the most highly trained professionals that money can buy. However, there are a few features that have helped AGB stand out from the rest over the years:

Not your average security company – That’s right! Unlike other security companies, we don’t solely provide remote monitoring and guard services but also offer several cybersecurity services. The all-encompassing nature of our security services means that we understand security risks and the need for the right approach better than anyone else.

Security solutions tailored to your needs – If your business needs to be secured, we provide custom-tailored solutions that tick all the boxes that matter to you.

Cost-effective solutions – Private security does not have to break the bank! Instead, our goal is to provide a service that helps protect your business, in more ways than one, by anticipating your security needs.  We work to find the most cost-effective solution without compromising your security requirements.

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Your security is our priority! That’s why a free consultation is the first step for us to understand your needs. We want to know what matters to you and provide the best security solution that money can buy to help secure it. 

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security company chicago

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security company chicago