Reasons for Fingerprinting

The requirements and procedures for fingerprinting vary across the multiple professions and agencies that require fingerprints from their employees. Below you will find special information specific to the most common professions.

To see if your profession requires that you be fingerprinted, see our Reasons for Fingerprinting PDF.


Security Guards

  • When completing the Illinois PERC Card Application Form, you must include a copy of the fingerprinting receipt to the form
  • If you have not already completed your fingerprinting, see fingerprint for security guard license
  • Submit the form, the PERC card should arrive in 2 weeks
  • After the PERC card is received, 20 hours of classroom training is required to receive your Illinois Security Guard License

Illinois Conceal Carry License

  • When completing the Illinois State Police Online concealed carry application, you must include the TCN(Transaction Control Number) from your fingerprint receipt.
  • The ISP will process the fingerprint and report its response to the ISP Firearm Services Bureau.
  • Helpful links: Illinois State Police Concealed Carry Website
  • You will receive application results 30 days quicker than if you don’t submit fingerprints.

Medical Cannabis

  • What to bring: Valid government issued ID and the Medical Cannabis Authorization Form, click to access
  • Your TCN(Transaction Control Number) from your fingerprint receipt is needed to apply for your Medical Cannabis card
  • Your fingerprint response will be sent by Illinois State Police to the appropriate state agency
  • Patient and caregiver application (State of Illinois, Medical Cannabis) Medical Cannabis Patient Application


  • Illinois State Police will process the fingerprint record and send results directly to IDFPR.
  • Retain the fingerprint receipt with TCN, it must be submitted with the application.

Physicians and Chiropractors

  • Fingerprints must be taken within 60 days from the date that the licensure application is submitted to IDFPR or the Department’s testing vendor.
  • Illinois State Police will send results directly to IDFPR
  • Retain the fingerprint receipt with TCN, it must be submitted with the application fee.