Through innovation and technology, energy management, waste reduction, and careful attention to our greenhouse gas emissions, AGB is working to reduce our footprint and serve our planet well. Our environmental initiatives include:

  • Reducing paper-based processes
  • Replacing travel with digital collaboration, when possible
  • Transitioning from gas to electric vehicles
  • Assessing our electricity consumption and using energy efficient infrastructure
  • Launching an official recycling program


AGB is committed to the people and partners we serve, and we have implemented programs and processes to better care for our employees, stakeholders, clients, and community. Our social initiatives include:

  • Purchasing supplies from minority-owned businesses
  • Hosting an annual Community Day of Service
  • Encouraging employees to complete volunteer hours and donate to causes
  • Promoting and measuring diversity and inclusion at AGB
  • Educating staff on health and wellness, including sleep hygiene, mental health, and self-care


AGB is committed to trustworthy, transparent leadership. We have prioritized governance goals and metrics that help us manage executive compensation, report with integrity, and ensure that we are driven by our defined ethics. Our governance initiatives include:

  • Short-term incentive plans and wellness plans for leadership
  • Monthly and quarterly financial reporting
  • Annual external audits and monthly internal audits
  • Targeting completion of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all departments by 2022
  • Updated employee handbook, including a conflict of interest policy and whistleblower policies
  • Sexual harassment training for all employees