The Importance of Diverse Cyber Security Teams

Diversity is a foundational value for AGB Cyber Security Division. Its physical security parent, AGB Investigative Services, is the nation’s largest Black-owned security firm. But how does being a minority-owned business relate to cyber security services? Why is it important to have cyber security teams that are diverse?

Building Resilience Through Supplier Diversity

As a business strategy, diversity in hiring or partnerships brings in fresh perspectives and new approaches, and raises a business’ profile in often neglected markets. Supplier diversity may be a requirement of government agencies or existing business partners.

Most importantly, recruiting diverse cyber security professionals has a unique benefit in cyber security awareness training, an important part of any company’s cyber defense. When the trainer explains the dangers of ransomware or malware looks like those he or she is teaching, the lesson will be more effective and the employees will be more likely to internalize the training when they go back to their desks and log on to their computers.

The Need for Diversity

Despite the need for diversity across the cyber security industry, Black and brown people remain under-represented. African Americans hold just 7% of positions in the tech industry, and only 2% of tech executive roles, according to the Diversity in High Tech report published by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Additionally, as AGB Founder and CEO John Griffin Jr. writes in Forbes, cyber security engineers and information security analysts are in short supply. The worldwide shortage persists even as the number of cyber attacks increase daily. By one estimate, there are over 3 million unfilled cybersecurity positions globally.

Closing the Cyber Security Skills Gap

Businesses, government and nonprofits can start closing the cyber security skills gap by focusing on this untapped talent pool. As a Black-owned enterprise, AGB Cyber Security is proud to be taking a leadership role in tech workforce development.

AGB Institute is adding cyber security tracks to its existing courses in physical security and business skills. This curriculum, approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, will help produce the next generation of cyber security professionals.

Certified graduates will join peers from historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), which have likewise ramped up their cyber security offerings in response to market need. AGB Cyber Security is determined to bring this urgently needed, well-paying technical career, which has starting salaries of $70,000 or more, front and center to minority students.

AGB’s unique training approach gives partners information security expertise with minority business enterprise (MBE) credentials. As a cyber security contractor, AGB is certified in quality management systems and participates in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development program for disadvantaged businesses. Learn more about AGB capabilities or contact AGB for a phone consultation.

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diverse cyber security teams

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diverse cyber security teams