Cyber Security Consulting
Cyber Security Consulting

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We are a division of AGB Investigative Services, Inc., the largest black-owned security company in the United States. We have had an exceptional track record of performance since 2001. As a comprehensive security services provider, our Cyber Security Division offers a range of services to protect your company against cybersecurity threats including cyber security consulting and virtual CISO services. Our comprehensive approach to physical and cyber security allows each customer to address the emerging threats of this new security landscape. We help companies learn about the risk that you may be facing and put cybersecurity controls in place to prevent the threat of a breach.

With AGB as your trusted partner, and with the intelligence and support we provide, you can rest assured that your company is in compliance and your business risk is proactively managed. Contact us today to learn more about how cybersecurity products and services can support and protect your organization.

We Provide Proven Cyber Security Services

AGB Cyber Security specializes in Information Security and Event Monitoring through our Cyber Security Operations Center. We offer expert cybersecurity consulting and support of organizations, assessing their physical and network health, as well as providing Vulnerability Testing and Patch Management Services.

Cyber Information Security Services & Network Security Monitoring

AGB also goes beyond being a world-class cybersecurity partner and offers a full suite of information cyber security services.  In addition to our core cyber security program, we also provide network security monitoring and information security services.  Your best offense is a good defense.  As your trusted cyber security partner, AGB delivers the platform, products, testing and intelligence necessary to protect your business from the threat of a cybersecurity breach. Learn more about the managed support we provide and eliminate your risk today.

Cybersecurity Solutions For Your Company

Our clients include public and private sector organizations in need of skilled cyber services to neutralize a potential threat. We provide testing and intelligence to protect the property and data of businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Our high level of certification and training meets all requirements for government contracts, including those with Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs).

As a customer of AGB, you have a cybersecurity company partner that provides you with services and protection from any cyber threat.  From testing through remediation, our team is prepared to support your business. Learn more today.

Cyber Security Consulting
Cyber Security Consulting

Projected amount of damage caused by cybercrime by 2025
Cyber Security Consulting


Breaches involved vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied
Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber crimes cost business by the minute
Cyber Security Consulting

Cybersecurity Services Offered

Cyber Attacks Can Happen
No Matter How Vigilant You Are.

Know what to do if your organization has been compromised. Are you safe from the risk of cyber security threats?

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