Concealed Carry Renewal Course

What Are the Requirements for IL Concealed Carry Renewal?

Unlike the initial training of eight or more hours, the renewal process is simple. You will need to complete two hours in the classroom and one hour at a gun range. During this time, you will review fundamentals and also addressing any concerns or questions that have arisen since your initial training.

The course includes:

  • A review of basic gun handling skills, including draw, care, storage and transport.
  • Hands on instruction on technique and shooting.
  • Clarification on any new compliance laws or regulation changes.
  • Range time to practice your skills and ensure that you’re prepared.

After the course, you’ll receive a certificate stating that you’ve successfully taken the required measures to renew your CCW permit. The course also provides instructions on how to update your status with the Illinois State Police.

Concealed Carry Renewal Course


Concealed carry was approved in July 2013 in Illinois. If you were among the first residents to obtain a CCW permit, you will need to complete a renewal course in 2019 to keep it valid. This course is required every five years, according to Illinois law. It’s a great way to refresh skills learned in the initial concealed carry training.

The renewal course consists of 2 hours of classroom time at AGB’s training center at 7545 S. Western Ave. in Chicago, followed by 1 hour of training at a shooting range.

* The course includes 1 hour of training at a gun range on a following Saturday. AGB will contact you with details.