When private security establishes a presence in a Chicago area community—especially with utility companies, whose service technicians are always at work on neighborhood infrastructure—a security company often comes in as an outside force. At AGB Investigative Services, we’ve chosen a one-of-a-kind alternative: We train and hire a  local force from within the areas we serve.

Utility companies depend on us to provide security services but it’s up to us to find innovative ways to contribute to community safety. We’re proud of the solution we’ve created through intensive security guard training.

Community Hiring Builds Trust and Opportunity

When you hire from within the community, the advantages become obvious right away. For starters, the officers are immediately familiar with the community, know neighbors and merchants, desire to keep their neighborhood safe, and can gather intelligence quickly.

It’s like gaining extra sets of eyes and deeper insight.

As for security officer training, this is our chance to contribute not only to a community’s safety but also its prosperity. We give our new hires opportunities they were never exposed to before. Training is a high priority for AGB and outstanding candidates have a clear career path that provides them with the opportunity to grow. We believe in teaching, coaching, and helping people advance.

Whether we’re on patrol at a major utility facility or at a worksite where there’s a downed pole or underground activity, our job is to observe, report and respond if needed. We ensure safety and provide peace of mind through our presence. That not only helps utility workers do their jobs better, it also serves as a source of pride for the AGB security professionals who protect the areas they live in. They become more than just guards. They are guardians.

Patrol Presence Strengthens Community Safety

We will always stress that our private security personnel come from the neighborhoods we work in. We’ve found numerous times that before the police or media know about an incident, we hear it from the people in the neighborhood. And they’ll only tell you if they trust you. They rely on us to do the right thing; we honor them by doing it.

A utility company or another company may not know right away that this is how we work. But once they learn about it, they understand that nothing compares to leveraging the years and decades one of our guards has already spent on the scene before their very first patrol or incident call.

AGB stands for always giving back. It’s a positive statement to be sure, but we back it up with action, every day with every patrol and every interaction we have with the utilities and communities we serve. I can’t think of any better way to do that than through hiring from within. It puts us a step ahead not only in terms of the neighborhood trust factor, but also shows how much faith we place in helping to grow and nurture the people who call our patrol areas home.

Alicia Harper is AGB’s Director of Operations.