Arba Houlden AGB

Arba Houlden Jr.

Executive Vice President

Arba L. Houlden Jr. drives revenue and technology initiatives for the company. He oversees the company’s Sales, Marketing, Business Development Department, and Information Technology Teams. Houlden is experienced in improving sales, revenue, business efficiency and technology enablement that has moved the organization through a transformation helping to implement its strategic vision of AGB’s paradigm shift from physical to virtual security. He has been with AGB since 2017.

In his previous role with both private and public companies such as Encyclopedia Britannica, Sun Microsystems, City of Chicago, and Cook County Government he served as Executive Director of Information Technology, Global Six Sigma Black Belt, and Deputy Chief Information Officer respectively. For AGB, Houlden has been responsible for increasing sales revenue and operational efficiencies by utilizing his experience in business efficiency and innovative technology strategies to improve AGB’s sales and technology operations.

In the private sector Houlden served as Executive Director of Information Technology for Encyclopedia Britannica, where he was instrumental in helping Britannica transform its business from print publishing company to digital publishing company on the web. Following Encyclopedia Britannica, Houlden worked for Sun Microsystems as a Global Six Sigma Black Belt assigned to Sales, Business Process Improvement, New Product Development, and Professional services.

In the public sector Houlden served as Deputy Chief Information Officer for both the City of Chicago and Cook County Government.

Houlden holds a master’s degree in business administration from Capella University and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from DePaul University.

He enjoys spending time with his spouse and pets. The motto he lives by is God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness.