Aerial Surveillance Drone Program

AGB’s new service offering promises to provide wider coverage using aerial resources where
human personnel are limited to on the ground. This aerial coverage can be done in a shorter
period of time. Our state of the art drones have the capability to survey properties and can be
used to monitor the breach of a perimeter providing media streaming and video recording. Our
drones can be used to follow assailants by using thermal detection to generate thermal images
of the intruders. Drones are a valuable asset to fighting crime, they can automate security for
agility providing wider optics to deploy AGB security personnel and police deter or fight crime.

Deployment Scenarios

Scheduled Autonomous Patrols
AGB Security will set repeatable, autonomous patrol missions based on day, time, path,
altitude, hover duration, camera direction and other mission details.

Autonomous Threat Response
When there is an alarm, the system automatically dispatches a drone to the alarm location and
streams live video to the security team.

Manual Surveillance Mission
During a major disturbance such as rioting, terrorist activity, AGB Security can manually
dispatch a drone to monitor events as they unfold on the ground.

Industry Verticals

Construction – Robotic Aerial Security can monitor and measure construction progress and
protect against theft of parts, tools and raw materials.

Real Estate – Residential Multi-family housing Complex: Robotic Aerial Security can monitor
unlawful activity and protect residents.

Crowd Control – Our security drones can monitor large crowds at concerts, sporting events
and special events to prevent unlawful activity and protect event attendees.


Cost Effective – Our service costs less than deploying manpower

Rapid Response –With the ability to launch quickly, drones can be deployed to any location
and hover over an area easily, our drones go from 0-60 MPH in a few seconds. They are
helping us lower response times and get invaluable insight into potential threats.

Situational Awareness – Drones are solving the biggest need in physical security.

Airborne Cameras – Our Drone program will offer an aerial view for our clients that land-based,
stationary cameras cannot provide. They can also deliver a wider field of vision, with a 360-
degree arc that the standard security camera does not possess. This means that those under
surveillance cannot leave the view of the camera.

  • Drone cameras also operate out-of- reach of an intruder, so they can’t be tampered with,
    disabled or sprayed with paint.
  • A drone can also follow those under surveillance if they decide to run, keeping track of
    them until the authorities arrive. Stationary cameras can only capture them running

AGB is capitalizing on the new drone surveillance for security integrators and improving the
lives of our customers by providing a more efficient, cost-effective system. AGB Drone Program
increases the security veil while reducing expenses associated with the inefficiencies of on-the-
ground security personnel. Drone security systems will save time, money and lives.

The only
question is, are you ready for the drone revolution?

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