AGB offers consulting for each of the services we provide. In most cases, we offer a free 20-minute consultation with our expert leadership team to assess your needs and determine if AGB is the best fit for you. Then we work with you to design a strategy for accomplishing your security objectives.

AGB’s professional consultants approach problem solving in two phases:

IIDD (Identify, Isolate, Deconstruct and Define)
We evaluate and identify security issues on site. We isolate the situation, in other words, we analyze the potential incidents and/or risks specific to your particular case, regardless of cause, size, location or complexity. We deconstruct the issues, breaking them down and examining all factors contributing to the security environment. We then define root problems and variables that will be critical to address when designing an effective solution.

DCIS(Design, Construct and Implement Solutions)
We design and construct custom solutions based on our analysis and present you with a comprehensive security plan to rectify past problems and mitigate future exposure. AGB takes great care in considering all of your business criteria and your specific physical environment to provide an integrated and seamless implementation of the plan.

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